Frequently Asked Questions
Echelon at Monterrey Village Apartment FAQs
What is the application process?
  • Head to our website and click the Apply tab or click here! Please note: there is a $35 application fee per adult.

Do you check for criminal records?
  • Yes. We use a third-party screening software called Resident Verify that will check your criminal background and credit history.

How do you decide approval?
  • We use a third-party screening company that verifies your credit and criminal background called Resident Verify. We also confirm that your monthly gross income is 3xs your monthly rent.

How many paycheck stubs do you require?
  • We require 6 weeks’ worth of income, including pay stubs, an employment offer letter, tax documents, or bank statements.

How many people are allowed per apartment?
  • 2 people per bedroom plus 1 additional. 
  • Example: 
    • 1x1 = 3
    • 2x2 = 5
    • 3x2 = 7

How much do I have to make to rent an apartment? 
  • Your gross monthly income needs to be 3xs your rent.

Is renter’s insurance required?
  • Yes. We require $100,000 or resident liability insurance and to have Monterrey at Echelon listed as an additional interest on the policy.

What happens if I break my lease or breach the lease contract?
  • We certainly hope that this never happens. However, we understand certain circumstances require you to break the lease. We have a termination fee of 2xs your monthly rent plus a 60-day notice is required.

What if I want to move out at the end of my apartment’s lease contract?
  • We will send you a renewal offer 120 days before the end of your lease. Please note: we require that you give us a 60-day notice if you plan to move out.

What are your breed restrictions?
  • Breed restrictions include: Akitas, American Bulldog, Boxer, Cane Corsos, Chow Chows, Dobermans, Dalmatian, German Shepherds, Huskies, Karelian Bear Dog, Malamutes, Pit Bulls, Presa Canario, Mastiffs, Rottweilers, St. Bernard, Staffordshire Terriers, and any Wolf Hybrid.

How many pets can I have?
  • Maximum of 2 pets per apartment

Do I have to walk my dog on a leash?
  • Yes. The community requires all dogs to be on a leash.

What types of pets are allowed?
  • Cats and dogs are accepted with no weight restriction. We do not allow rodents, snakes, fish tanks, or birds. 

How can I submit a service request?
What is considered a maintenance emergency?
  • Any sort of water leak that cannot be contained
  • Refrigeration issues
  • AC, if the outside temperature is above 90 degrees
  • Furnace, if the outside temperature is below 40 degrees
  • Clogged toilet in a 1 bathroom apartment in which it is your only toilet, and you have attempted to use a plunger
  • Clogged kitchen disposal
  • Locked out
How do I pay my rent?
  • The best way is to pay your rent online through our convenient Resident Portal. However, you can make a payment in the form of a check at the office.

When is my rent due?
  • Rent is due on the 1st of each month and late after the 3rd of each month.

How much is the security deposit and when do I get it back?
  • We have refundable and non-refundable options. Refundable options range from $750 to $1000. Non-refundable options are through Lease Protect which is $125-$200.

How much are utilities (estimate)?
  • Depending on your floorplan, electricity will range between $50-$150/month.
  • Water and sewer are sub-metered which fluctuates monthly and will be approximately $15-$60/month
  • Trash is $25. 

Can I make changes to my apartment such as painting, hanging fixtures on walls, etc.?
  • Of course! We want you to make your apartment home and stay forever. If you paint and hang pictures, just be sure the holes you are putting in the wall are smaller than a penny and you prime or paint the walls back to the original color before you move out. If you want a painting referral, just ask!

Is subletting allowed?
  • Anyone living in the apartment over the age of 18 will need to be added to the lease. 

What are the lease lengths?
  • Lease lengths vary, but we range from 6 months – 12-month lease terms.

How secure is the community?
  • Our apartment building is controlled access. You will need a key FOB or a code to get in.

What other smart technology does Monterrey at Echelon offer?
  • Each apartment home comes with a Nest thermostat that connects to an app on your phone to program the temperature from the palm of your hand. Also, each door has a smart lock to access through your phone. Plus, we have a great system called Fitness-On-Demand. This program will be in our flex fitness space and offers a variety of personal workouts for you to set your own fitness goals and join the gym for free! Most notably, we have an on-site restaurant! Fantastic food and beverages are only a few steps from your door! If you don’t feel like walking over, you can get free delivery to delivered to your doorstep.

How does parking work?
  • Some of our apartments come with a space in our detached parking garage. Others come with open parking. Whether or not your apartment comes with one vs. the other, it will be noted on the website when you apply, and in your lease!

Do you offer additional storage space?
  • Your apartment is loaded with storage space, but if you have something special that you want to be stored away, we offer additional accommodations.  Ask us how you can add a storage space to your lease!

How will my packages be delivered?
  • Our package room is conveniently located on the first floor. You will receive a text each time a package is delivered, letting you know when it has arrived!

How long will the pool stay open?
  • We hope to keep our pool open each year from May - October. Of course, mother nature will tell us if we need to change those plans!

What if I have a friend that wants to live here? 
  • We offer a resident referral fee, which means all of our current residents get a $250 bonus for referring a friend that moves in!